A Very Special Announcement

Some years ago we were saddened to discover that one of of the most worthwhile sites on the Web, Footnotes to History, had disappeared. This fascinating site was subtitled The nations you didn't learn about in high school geography and was a diamond in the rough that was the early Web. But then it was gone; gone-diddly-on.

Fortunately, through google, we were able to view a cached copy of the site and find the e-mail address of James L. Erwin, the site's author. We e-mailed him to find out what had happened; he explained that he was dissatisfied with his Web hosting service and we entered into discussions on how we could help him get his site back up.

So, we are pleased to announce that buckyogi.neocities.org will now be hosting Footnotes to History. Everyone here is thrilled that we are able to provide this service to the Web community. To access the site, use the following URL:

--The management